Connected Audiosmart device with DD65 headset

AUDIOSMART is a comprehensive diagnostis audiometer that allows you to perform pure tone audiometry (air and bone conduction) and speech audiometry tests. Its design and ergonomy make it perfectly adapted to ENT doctors and hearing aid specialists. The novelty of this audiometer lies in its operating mode: both portable for ambulatory mode or fixed connected to a computer.

Stand-alone or computer-based

Handheld audiosmart device with audiometry graph


Perform tests directly on the device
With its carrying case, it is possible to use the Audiosmart device in many places (audiometry cabin, consulting room…). Ultra-light, it easily fits in your hand. Thanks to its color touch screen, you can display the results of the tests directly on the screen of the device and analyse them without using paper.

Echosoft software on MAC with audiometry measurement


Connect the device to your computer via the supplied USB cable, you can control the device from your PC or MAC with the free Echosoft software. You will also be able to consult your database, create patient files, export and print datas.


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last version : february 2020

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last version : 1.1.3


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